Page 7 - Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2019 - 2024
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Foreword from the Chief Executive

                                   Colette Byrne, Chief Executive.

                                               This Corporate  Plan outlines our   Council shares a common interest in
                                               Strategic Objectives and supporting   the development of County Kilkenny.
                                               strategies for the period 2019 - 2024, in   It is through this successful ongoing
                                               relation to our Mission and Core Values.
                                                                                   co-operation  that  we  can  meet  the
                                               The purpose of this plan is to present   challenges ahead and deliver quality
                                               in a clear structured format the policy   services to the citizens of the County
                                               objectives  of the Council  for the next   in the best possible manner that meets
                                               five years. The Plan has been prepared   the commitments outlined in this Plan.
                                               following  a consultation  process and   I wish to thank the Elected Members
                                               review by the Corporate Policy Group.   for  their  support  and  all  of  the  staff
                                               It will be the primary influence for the   of  the Council for  their continuing
                                               preparation  of  Annual  Budgets  and   dedication, commitment and work and
                                               Service Delivery Plans, through which   for  our  many  achievements  to  date.
                                               the Council will  seek to  achieve its
                                               objectives  over the lifetime of this
                                               Council.  The Plan includes a framework
                                               for the implementation, monitoring
                                               and review of these objectives, which
                                               will ensure that  the  Plan remains      Colette Byrne
                                               focused,  flexible  and  responsive      Chief Executive
                                               in  an  ever-changing  environment.

                                               The ten organisational  objectives
                                               identified, are of cross cutting themes,
                                               which  apply  across  the  organisation.
                                               Each Department,  in turn, has
                                               identified priority objectives, strategies,
                                               measurement of outputs and outcomes,
                                               to ensure delivery on our commitments,
                                               our  accountability  and  transparency.
                                               The  staff  is  fully  committed  to  the
                                               implementation  of the Corporate
                                               Plan. We look forward to working
                                               with the Elected Members and the
                                               various   statutory,   voluntary   and
                                               community  bodies  with  whom  the

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