Page 6 - Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2019 - 2024
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Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2019-2024

       Message from the Cathaoirleach

       Cllr Peter “Chap” Cleere, Cathaoirleach.

                                           I  welcome this Corporate Plan which   to service areas and the continued
                                           is the central feature of the Council’s   identification of efficiency improvements.
                                           business framework and sets  out       I  wish to  express appreciation to
                                           the  strategic  direction  for  Kilkenny   the Chief Executive, Management
                                           County  Council  for  the  next  five  years
                                                                                  and  staff,  Members  of  the  Corporate
                                           This Plan, which  is the governance    Policy  Group  and  others  for  their
                                           framework for the Council, also provides   work in the  preparation of  this  Plan.
                                           for  the  delivery  of  Annual  Reports  to   On  behalf of  the Elected Members
                                           record details of progress in relation to the   of  Kilkenny  County  Council,  I  wish  to
                                           objectives outlined herein and the delivery   pledge  our commitment to ensuring
                                           of our services between now and 2024.
                                                                                  this  Corporate  Plan  is  appropriately
                                           The operating environment in which the   monitored  and delivered  over the next
                                           local authority functions has a significant   five  year  period.    I  look  forward  to
                                           bearing on its ability to fulfil its mandate   working with all the Elected Members,
                                           effectively.  The  Council  continues  to   with the support of the Chief Executive
                                           face  financial  challenges  to  fulfil  our   and staff, playing our part in developing
                                           ambitions  to deliver the best possible   and  enhancing  our  County  to  make
                                           services and deliver new projects.  The   it the best place to live, work and visit.
                                           effective  delivery  of  services  depends
                                           on the resources  available.  There
                                           is  a  need  for  co-ordinated  response

                                                                                   Cllr Peter “Chap” Cleere
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