Page 10 - Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2019 - 2024
P. 10

Profile of County Kilkenny

         Assets and Challenges

         Kilkenny has the following assets:
         •   Internationally renowned as a
             medieval city with major tourist
         •   Regional centre for arts and culture
             including high profile annual
         •   Central location within the South
             East Strategic Planning Area
         •   Track record in Urban Regeneration
             and compact growth in the City
             including a Masterplan for the
             Abbey Quarter
         •   Good road and rail links to Dublin
             and elsewhere

         •   8th largest employment base in the
         •   Outstanding natural setting

         However it also faces the following challenges

         •   Need for infrastructural investment to provide for upgrading of water services to support economic
             development and the growth of Kilkenny city
         •   Development of the Technological University of the South East requires continued investment

         •   Ongoing need for improved rail services and line speeds
         •   How to respond to complex and disruptive external environment which demands flexibility from the

         •   How to sustain and improve the cultural life of the City and County by ensuring that the infrastructure
             and funding is in place to ensure our communities get maximum benefit

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