Page 4 - Kilkenny County Council Corporate Plan 2019 - 2024
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Purpose of the

                                             Corporate Plan


                                             In  compliance  with  the  Local  Government Act  2001,  as  amended
                                             by  Local  Government  Reform  Act  2014,  this  Corporate  Plan
                                             is prepared on the basis of an organisational wide strategic
       Belview Port, Kilkenny.               approach encompassing the various activities of the Council.
                                             The Plan includes the main objectives and priorities for each
                                             of the Council’s principal activities and is designed to meet the
                                             circumstances  of  the  local  authority,  whilst  preserving  flexibility
                                             in  order  to  meet  the  demands  of  a  changing  environment.
                                             This   Corporate     Plan   will   serve   as    Kilkenny   County
                                             Council’s    strategic   framework     for   action   during    the
                                             lifetime  of  the  present  elected  Council  from  2019  to  2024.
                                             This Corporate Plan has been prepared in consultation
                                             with  the  Elected  Members,  the  Corporate  Policy  Group,  the
                                             Management  Team  and  staff  of  Kilkenny  County  Council.

                                             The purpose of this five-year Corporate Plan is to provide a framework
                                             for the Elected Members, Management and staff to set the policies
                                             and  direction  for  Kilkenny  County  Council  until  June  2024.    The
                                             Corporate Plan will guide the policy making processes of the Strategic
                                             Policy  Committees  and  the  Corporate  Policy  Group  and  sets  out
                                             and  reviews  Kilkenny  County  Council’s  agreed  vision,  objectives
                                             and  strategies  in  respect  of  our  many  functions  and  activities.

                                             The Corporate Plan incorporates:

                                             •   The corporate objectives and supporting strategies.
                                             •   The manner in which Kilkenny County Council proposes to
                                                 assess its performance in respect of each such strategy, taking
                                                 account of the need to work towards best practice in service

                                             •   Proposals for organisational capacity, resources and
           This Corporate Plan                   improvements required to promote efficiency of operations,
                                                 improvements to customer service.
           will serve as Kilkenny

           County Council’s                  The  Annual  Budget,  Capital  Programme  and  Service  Delivery
           strategic framework               Plans will implement the strategies outlined in the Corporate Plan
           for action during                 setting targets for implementation. These aims will be incorporated
                                             into Service Development Plans and Personal Development Plans.
           the lifetime of the
           present Elected                   Monitoring on our progress towards achieving the aims of

           Council from 2019 to              this  plan  will  be  done  through  the  monthly  and  quarterly  Chief
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